Yomechas Federation Indian Guides and Princesses

The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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  1. All Officers
    1. Receive all notebooks, files and program books from your predecessor, for reference use this coming year ASAP, NOW!
    2. Determine final fee structure for program, campouts, COW kits, officer patches, charged events, etc.
    3. Complete & approve a final budget for 2004-2005.
    4. Complete & approve a final program schedule for 2004-2005.
  2. Federation Chief
    1. Ensure all Federation Officers submit written reports after each activity, covering what was done, how it was done and listing Lessons Learned for future conduct of the same events.
    2. Receive Nation Officers & Nation Chief lists from all 8 Nations ASAP, and distribute copies to all Federation officers.
    3. Plan and conduct a Nation Chief training session during the Summer.
    4. Plan and conduct a Tribal Chief & Nation Officer training session in late August.
    5. Ensure that all other Federation officers are doing their jobs well. Get them help as needed.

  3. Federation Elder
    1. Assist the Federation Chief in managing the Federation as required.

  4. Federation Compass Bearer
    1. Request Barth Pond & Patriots Park ASAP for the 2 Induction Ceremonies on Sundays, October 3 and 10.
    2. Set up and run the Induction Ceremony meeting on August 24.
    3. Plan, organize and run both Induction Ceremonies.
    4. Be prepared to run Federation meetings if required.
    5. Be prepared to plan and run another Federation event in case of an emergency.

  5.  Program Outfitter
    1. Prepare handouts and patches for use in the 3 Independence Day parades.
    2. Work with the Scout on the Fall recruiting program.
    3. Print 1000 revised member packets for issue to members.
    4. Request O’Neill School for Nation Longhouse meetings for September thru June. Request same school for Christmas Party and the 2 Canoe-On-Wheels events.
    5. Conduct Fall Registration with the Weaver, Wampum Bearer, Tallykeeper and all volunteers from the Nations.
    6. Print 15,000 recruiting flyers for school distribution in August.
    7. Reserve space for Federation marchers for 3 Independence Day parades.

  6. Patriarch
    1. Prepare final program schedule for the 2004-2005 program year.
    2. Print 1100 copies of the program schedule & distribute in August.
    3. Assist in Recruiting in the Fall.
    4. Assist in Registration in the Fall.
    5. Organize and conduct an audit of the 2003-2004 financial records.
    6. Order program books and related materials as required for Fall handouts

  7. Pathfinder
    1. Complete all campout contracting & scheduling for 2004-2005.
    2. Establish Federation campout contract file for 2004-2005.
    3. Provide copies of all campout contracts to Nation Chiefs.
    4. Monitor camp use during the year & update computer files.

  8. Nation Navigators
    1. Contact ALL new tribe chiefs and obtain their full information for reference use. Furnish complete Nation rosters, including all Nation chief's and Nation officers, to the Federation Chief and the Outfitter ASAP.
    2. Conduct first Nation Council meetings
    3. Notify in person all old and new tribal chiefs to attend 7/4/04 parades.
    4. Personally lead your Nation in your local parade on 7/4/04.
    5. Familiarize yourself fully with the policies and procedures used for program registration and campout leadership.
    6. Establish coordination with Outfitter for new member placement.

  9. Heartland Navigator
    1. Plan & execute D.G. Heritage Fest participation.
    2. Reserve schools for Floor Hockey next year NOW! Do it yourself!

  10. Prairie Navigator
    1. Plan & execute D.G. Heritage Fest participation.
    2. Reserve schools for Indoor Soccer next year NOW! Do it yourself!

  11. Woodland Navigator
    1. Reserve schools for Floor Hockey next year NOW! Do it yourself!

  12. Meadows Navigator
    1. Reserve schools for Indoor Soccer next year NOW! Do it yourself!

  13. Plains Navigator
    1. Reserve schools for Floor Hockey next year NOW! Do it yourself!

  14. Streams Navigator
    1. Reserve schools for Indoor Soccer next year NOW! Do it yourself!

  15. Pioneer Navigator
    1. Reserve all special facilities for Pioneer events ASAP!
    2. Plan now your tribe structure for the Fall.
    3. Assist in graduating older children into guide/princess tribes in the Fall.

  16. Pilot
    1. Order assembled Canoe-On-Wheels kits via Outfitter for selling to program members next Spring.
    2. Plan out the Christmas Party and make arrangements.
    3. Plan out the Canoe-On-Wheels and make arrangements.

  17. Scout
    1. Prepare the school recruiting flyer for use in August.
    2. Update all school population rosters – get input from all 8 Nations, 15 school districts, all private schools, all child care centers, etc.
    3. Prepare all materials and media for the recruiting sessions
    4. Canvass all area pre-schools, child care centers, etc., for potential recruits. There are many parents out there who need to spend quality time with their children in the
    5. Organize a special mother/child recruiting program for next Fall.
    6. Establish an ongoing publicity program for the entire program year.

  18. Log Keeper
    1. Assist in the Fall registration process as required.
    2. Publish Federation Council minutes each month as required.
    3. Explore the possibility of publishing a Federation Newsletter every other month (SEP, NOV, JAN, MAR, MAY) electronically and on paper.

  19. Aviator
    1. Reserve site for Pumpkin Hunt NOW!
    2. Reserve site for Kite Fly NOW!

  20. Surveyor
    1. Bowling site & dates are reserved. Establish contact with bowling alley management in advance.
    2. Roller Skating site & dates are reserved. Establish contact with skating rink management in advance.

  21. Trailblazer Foreman
    1. Reserve all sites and facilities for upcoming TB events NOW!
    2. Assign responsibilities for organizing TB events to specific members NOW! Follow up on each event as required.

  22. Wampum Bearer
    1. Close out the books for 2003-04 on July 1, 2004. Print year-end reports. Set up books for 2004-05 program year.
    2. Prepare and have Federation Council approve budget for 2004-05.
    3. Participate in audit of 2003-04 financial records.
    4. Assist the Outfitter, Talleykeeper, Weaver and volunteers during the multiple September registration days
    5. Ensure that all members pay appropriate program dues and fees throughout the year.

  23. Mountaineer
    1. Contact the social service agency to establish coordination for the Adopt-A-Family activity during Oct-Dec of 2004.

  24. Weaver
    1. Archive the Federation database from 2003-2004.
    2. Set up the Federation database for 2004-2005.
    3. Assist the Outfitter, Wampum Bearer, Tallykeeper and volunteers during the September registration days.
    4. Enter the data gathered during registration into database.
    5. Provide computerized information to Federation officers as required.