Yomechas Federation Indian Guides and Princesses

The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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2007/2009 Yomechas Federation Policies

2007-001 - Policy/Procedure Numbering System  

Description: Each policy or procedure identified by the Yomechas Federation Policy Committee will be identified by a numbering system which includes the year and a sequential number (YYYY-NNN).  This proposal represents the initial policy/procedure sanctioned by the Policy Committee, and it is numbered accordingly.
Date Approved By Policy Committee: 11/16/07
Date Approved By Yomechas Federation: 12/3/07

2007-002 - Campout Refund Policy & Procedure

Description: Members of the Yomechas Federation who have registered and paid for a campout can request a refund if they could not make the event.  Granting a refund is left to the discretion of the Nation Chief, and is based upon:
• Rational for missing the campout
• Attendance at campout
• Camp-out minimum number commitments
To receive a campout refund, a Camp-out Refund Request Form should be submitted to the Nation Chief within 30 days of the campout.  The following guidelines should be utilized for each request:
• Refund requests must be received within 30 days of the campout.
• An administrative fee of $5.00 per member will be charged for each refund.
• Refunds must be approved by the Nation Chief.
• Members may be required to produce a receipt or other evidence of payment.
• Members are identified on the campout reconciliation form.
• Yomechas Federation reserves the right to refuse any refund request.
Upon receipt and approval by the Nation Chief, the request will be forward by the Nation Chief to the The Federation Treasure Keeper and he will mail a check as appropriate.
Date Approved By Policy Committee: 11/16/07
Date Approved By Yomechas Federation: 12/3/07


2007-003 - Alcohol Escalation Procedure

If any nation member believes another member is drinking alcohol during an event, they have the right to discuss the situation one on one with the accused party and/or they can contact their Nation Chief or Tribal Chief representative. Their nation Chief or Tribe Chief will then be required to discuss the situation with the accused member and their Nation or Tribe Chief. During this discussion items to be addressed:
-Signed Alcohol Policy
-Purpose of the program (to foster understanding and companionship between parents or other significant adult and child)
-The camp grounds policy, and the potential for banning the entire group from the campsite
Upon completion of the discussion, the Nation Chief or Tribe chief representative should immediately report the issue to the Nation Chief, who in turn should communicate to the camp director or ranking official that an infraction has occurred and that it has been addressed. 

If the above actions are taken and nothing is resolved then the Nation Chief or top ranking officer should be notified and discuss the matter with Tribe Chief and the accused party. During this discussion items to be addressed are listed above.

Finally, when all steps are taken and the accused does not stop, the camp director should be involved. At this time the camp’s policy can or will be used.  The Nation Chief should proceed with the Yomechas Federation Alcohol Policy process.

Date Reviewed By Policy Committee: 2/114/07 & 2/11/08
Date Approved By Yomechas Federation: 3/3/08

2007-004 - Reimbursement Policy / Check Request

Description: Members of the Yomechas Federation who have paid for expenses out of pocket or are in receipt of an invoice associated with the Indian Guides and Princess program can request a refund from the Federation through the use of a check request form.  The procedure to request a reimbursement is as follows:
• The Yomechas check request form can be accessed on line through the Yomechas Federation website, or requested from a Federation Officer
• The Yomechas check request form should be filled out in its entirety
• A check request associated with a Nation requires the Nation Chief signature prior to processing
• A check request associated with the Federation requires a Federation Officer signature prior to processing
• All check requests must be accompanied by a supporting receipt
• Once the appropriate signature has been obtained, the completed form is to be presented to the Federation Treasure Keeper by the person providing the authorization
A check request should be started within the same program year as the expense was incurred.  All check requests are to be initiated prior to July 1st of any given program year.  The Yomechas Federation reserves the right to refuse any inappropriate expenses, as evaluated by the Federation Treasure Keeper.  If the Federation Treasure Keeper refuses a check request, the initiator can bring a motion forward at a Federation board meeting for resolution and compensation.
Date Approved By Policy Committee: 12/14/07
Date Approved by Yomechas Federation: 2/4/08

2007-005 - Campout Registration Late Fee Policy

Description: In order to properly plan campout events, the Yomechas Federation membership must register for said event prior to the close of registration.  In order to motivate the Federation Membership, a financial incentive will be adapted associated with campout events.  If a member(s) registers on or prior to the date registration closes, he or she will pay the event cost as defined by the Yomechas Federation board for that program year.  If a member(s) registers after the event is initially closed (event reopened) or attends the event without registering, he or she will pay the event cost plus $5 per person.  The late fee policy will start in the 2008/2009 program year, and the additional fees will be assigned to the Federation budget.

Date Reviewed By Policy Committee: 12/14/07 & 2/11/08
Date Approved By Yomechas Federation: 3/3/08


2009-001 – Shopping Cart Policy

Description: If a member signs up for an event and does not pay for the event prior to closing the on-line registration session, the member will receive a reminder e-mail notification requesting payment for the event.  If at the end of the next day the event is still unpaid, the event will be removed from the members shopping cart and the space will be open for registration by another member of the program.  The member will receive an e-mail notification after the event is removed from their shopping cart.  The Federation may choose to flag an event or dues as 'Required'. Required events and dues will stay in a person's cart until paid or until they are removed by the Federation.  As long as required events stay in peoples' carts, those members will continue to receive email reminders.

Date Approved By Policy Committee:
Date Approved By Yomechas Federation: 2-2-2009