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*Online Registration Instructions*

If you have ever registered for our program, just enter your user information and click Login.  If you are having trouble remembering your info, please don't create a new login. Instead, you can click the "Forgot Login or Password" link or call us at (630) 708-0469.

Registration system at Circle Bridge.
New Family Registration:
1) At Circle Bridge, you'll see a page asking "New Family?" and that’s where new folks can
go ahead and create their own login and password. Pick something that's easy to remember
(like, for example, JENNY RULES 2010), because you'll use these for registering for all
the events.
2) Once your family is in the system, then they can input information for each member of
the family that is joining the program, starting first with the parent (Dad). Fill in all of the
parent’s information in that first profile page, and then click save on that page.
3) To add children to the system, click the button that says "Add," which will open up a
new blank profile page to fill in for the child. NOTE: There is a space for “Indian Name”.
This is a name for each of you to come up with that you would like to be referred by. Once
your child graduates from one level, they will receive a medallion with their Indian Name
on it. Parents can purchase one with their Indian Name on it also.
Some examples: Snoring Bear, Sparkling Dragonfly, Dancing Fish, Big Arrow, Little Arrow
etc. Both Parent and Child should have their individual names on their profile. If you would
like a list emailed to you of name ideas, please email Jennifer Anderson.
4) Once each member is in the system, then from the "XXXXX Family Registration
Information" page, look at the column immediately to the right of the list of family
members, which reads "Membership." Click on the JOIN button, which will take you to a
screen asking you "know which circle to join?" Search for the tribe you’ve chosen, and you
can then click on the boxes for your family members to join that tribe. If you do not know
which tribe to join, please contact Jennifer Anderson at 630-708-0469 or email at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your information.
If everyone is in the system correctly and joined into the right tribe (or tribes), the
system will then show you what fees to register for, and you'll see those in the column
titled "Unregistered Events" on the right-hand side of the screen. There will generally be
two fees, depending on the particular nation and the particular family:

 2013-2014- Nation Dues (where applicable). Nation Dues are additional charges that are
collected by 5 of the 7 Nations which comprise the Yomechas Federation; they are used to
supplement the funding of items or activities that are made available only to all tribes
within those particular Nations. Nation funds have historically been used to pay for a wide
variety of items: examples include batches of firewood for a Nation’s campout, a special
event like a Nation Barbecue, and in some cases, incentive prizes for tribal members who
especially distinguish themselves at recruiting new families into the Yomechas Federation.
***As of the same date (June 1, 2013) Pioneers and Trailblazers do not collect Nation
Dues as of now.
Click on those fees and put them in your shopping cart.
5) When you go into your shopping cart to pay, the system will prompt you to accept our
online waivers (one regarding our alcohol policy, and one that is a liability waiver). You can
accept the waivers by typing in your initials, and then you'll be all set to pay for
registration with a credit card or via PayPal.
6) You will then be able to register for all other events in the future from that list of
7) We do have some “open federation family” events. In that case you will be able to pay
for unregistered family members on your family registration page. You may list these
family members on your page, just click “add.” Do not join them to a tribe otherwise the
system will be looking for you to pay federation dues for them.
Once you are registered and paid, the Program Director will verify the payment and put
you in direct contact with the chief of the tribe.
Please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer!
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Updated 6-1-2013 JRA

















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