Yomechas Federation Indian Guides and Princesses

The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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Join the Fun 

Tribes are the working unit of our Guide and Princess programs. Families who wish to participate in our campouts and events must join a Tribe. Each Tribe has a Chief who is responsible for coordinating member enrollment, campout registrations, and event registrations. Once you make contact with a Tribal Chief, you should be on your way!

If you are a returning member, or if you have a friend in the program, you may already know which tribe you are interested in joining -- just call the Tribal Chief. Otherwise, you can This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it via phone or e-mail.  Most new members join an existing tribe, but if you have a group of friends who want to join together with you, you can choose to start your own tribe.

Enrollment Deadlines

Our program coincides with the school year. Basic enrollment runs during August and September. Early August is the ideal time to contact us. We welcome new members at any time, but program enrollments after mid-September will miss out on some of our activities.

Registration Costs

See Our Program>Registration>Fees .