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The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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The goal of the Yomechas Guides and Princesses Programs is to foster understanding and companionship between parent and child. To reach this understanding and foster such a relationship, our children need our undivided attention. This goal cannot be achieved with such distractions as alcohol.

For this reason, the Yomechas Federation prohibits the drinking of alcohol at organized Federation, Nation and Tribe  events, such as tribe meetings in member homes. We especially prohibit the drinking of alcohol at campouts. Our organization will not tolerate the consumption of alcohol during any organized event. We will also not tolerate the leaving of an event to partake in alcohol consumption only to later return.

The following sanctions shall be imposed on any violators of this Alcohol Policy and their tribe. The violators and all members of their tribe will not be allowed to participate in any Guide/Princess program events until all sanctions are fulfilled. There will be no refunds for any membership and/or event fees.

  1. The violator's tribe will lose all honor points.
  2. The violator's tribe will miss all events until and including the next campout.
  3. The violator will miss all events until and including the next two campouts.
  4. The violator's tribe will perform eight (8) hours of community service for each adult member.
  5. All sanctions must be completed before the signup deadline for the next allowable campout.
  6. The violator's tribe members, with their families, must attend a specially arranged parent meeting to discuss the Yomechas Federation Alcohol Policy.
  7. The Federation Council may impose any lesser sanction deemed appropriate.

There will be an additional sanction for any second offense by a violator and/or their tribe, which is expulsion from the Federation for four (4) years. Violators and other members of their tribe must pass through an appeal and review process by the Federation Council before being allowed to be reinstated into the Federation.

The Federation Council is to determine whether a violation of the Alcohol Policy has occurred and what sanctions are to be imposed. This determination can be made at a regular monthly meeting or at a special meeting after giving due notice to the Council and to all interested parties.

All participants will be asked to sign a copy of the policy at time of registration.