Yomechas Federation Indian Guides and Princesses

The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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The Nation Chief

Chief Training and Orientation

If you are a new Nation Chief, read this and consider sharing it with your Tribe Chiefs. If you are a new Tribe Chief, please read this and take it to heart.

Why I Am the Nation Chief ?

I never really aspired to be a Nation Chief. After all, Chiefs have to do stuff, and who has time? Yet, I have (reluctantly) agreed to take this leadership position. There is only one reason I have done so:


 I believe that the Yomechas program has helped me create something special with my kids. I want others to have the chance to create that special Yomechas thing with their kids too. I want the program to continue.


These Are My Objectives
  1. I want my Nation members to have fun.
  2. I want to minimize the "work" and "overhead".
  3. I want the events of the year to be special.
  4. I want to every member of my Nation to create Magic!
    • Among parents and their children
    • Among the children in each tribe
    • Among the parents in each tribe
These Are Things I Will Do
  • I will make my Tribe Chiefs' jobs as easy as I can. I will minimize "busy work".
  • I will be sure we have adequate planning for our Nation participation in the Program.
  • I will be sure that each Tribe knows our plan, agrees to our plan, and adheres to our plan.
  • I will facilitate smooth resolution of any problems that might arise during the year.
  • I will supply guidance/instruction/continuity to anyone who volunteers to help with Nation events.
  • I will be the "visible" leader at our events - especially campouts.
These Are Things I Won't Do
  • I won't make our trophies, run our soccer, cover Federation events, etc.
    The job of the Nation Chief is overall planning and delegation, not execution. If our members volunteer to cover a piece of work and follow-through on their commitment then our Nation (and Federation) will benefit. If our members choose not to take an active role, our entire Nation (and Federation) will suffer the deficit.
  • I won't take credit for the success of our events
    Nor will I accept blame for the failure of an event. When I hear positive comments, I will tell the members to thank their Tribe Chief. If I hear complaints I will tell the members they must talk to their Tribe Chief.
Meeting Attendance is Mandatory
It would be great if I could work with each of my tribes individually, but I do not have time. Our monthly Chiefs' meeting is the administrative forum for our Nation. Attendance at our meetings is mandatory. Each Tribe must have a representative present at each meeting. If a Tribe Chief cannot attend, he must arrange a substitute.


It's Up to the Nation Members
The Yomechas Federation has no paid staff members working behind the scenes to make it all happen. Yomechas Federation is just a plan, nothing more. It is up to the members of each Nation to execute the plan.