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Nation Finances and Nation Chief Responsibilities

Nation Chief Training and Orientation

Nation Money

The Federation maintains a cash account for each of our Nations. The Federation Treasurer produces a monthly report that provides each Nation Chief with a summary of their transactions to-date and that shows their available balance.

The Basic Rules
  • Nation money is spent at the discretion of the Nation Chief.
  • Expenditures must be consistent with the Yomechas program and must benefit the nation as a whole. (Items such as cigars, or expensive gifts to leaders would be inappropriate.) The Federation Treasurer may refuse disbursement of an inappropriate request and bring the request to the attention of the Board for disposition.
  • Nations are not allowed to engage in deficit spending. If your nation has an event for which money is collected, you should collect far enough in advance so your expenses due the day of the event are covered by your nation’s available balance.
  • Nations are not allowed to establish their own checking accounts.
Sources of Nation Money
  • Each Nation (except TBTM) receives $200 per year plus 10% of their Federation membership fees. TBTM simply receives 100% of their membership fees.
  • Some of our Nations (in 02-03 Woodland and Meadows) collect a special Nation fee from their members as part of the program registration.
  • Nations may conduct fundraising activities or solicit (voluntary) donations from their members.
  • If a Nation operates a special event for their members, monies collected for the event are posted to the Nation account and related event expenses are charged to the Nation account.
  • Money that is unused at the end of a program year carries over to the next year.
Common Uses of Nation Money
  • Campout entertainment, snacks, etc.
  • Indoor soccer or floor hockey expenses: facility rental, equipment, awards, trophies.
  • Nation supplies (Must relate to the Adventure Guide program and benefit the nation as a whole.)
Ways to Unintentionally Spend your Nation’s Money
  • Not properly collecting money for Friday night stays at campouts.
  • Signing-off on a camp bill showing more persons than actually attended.
  • Requesting campout refunds beyond the campout attendance you signed for.
How to Request a Check
You may request a check payable to an individual to reimburse an out-of-pocket expense. You may request payment directly to a vendor.


  1. Complete a check request.
  2. Attach supporting receipts or the vendor invoice.
  3. Deliver the request to our Treasurer (Board Meeting, Navigators' Breakfast, or by mail).
  4. The Treasurer will either write the check immediately or mail it within a few days.

Nation Chief Financial Responsibilities for Campouts

Communicating Signup Procedures
Each Nation Chief must be sure that all his Nation Chiefs know the current year campout fee and adhere to the Federation's campout registration procedures. 


Settling Camp Bills
At the end of each campout, you (the Nation Chief) must meet with the Camp Director to sign the bill. The numbers you agree to will be used by the Camp when an invoice is sent to the Federation. Your signature obligates the Federation (and perhaps your Nation) to pay.


Our Federation only pays for the basic Saturday night stay and three meals. Any additional costs will be charged to your Nation Account.

  • Before you meet the camp director
    • Know how many persons originally signed-up.
    • Know how many no-shows you had.
    • Know your actual attendance.
    • Know how many Friday night stays you had. Collect the money!
  • Before you sign the bill
    • Pay for your Friday night stays. Be sure your payment is noted on the bill.
    • Review the attendance numbers per the camp bill.
    • Be sure any additional charges (snacks, etc.) are correct - your nation money must pay for these.
    • Check the overall clerical accuracy of the bill.
  • Before you leave the camp
    • Obtain a copy of the paperwork. (It is your receipt!)
  • After you get home
    • Complete the Federation's Campout Settlement Checklist form.
    • Forward a copy of the camp bill and your settlement checklist to the Federation Treasurer promptly.


Approving Campout Refunds
The Federation will refund payments made by members who are subsequently unable to attend a campout. (No other events are eligible for refunds.) The Federation reserves the right to refuse campout refund requests. A $5.00 per member administrative fee will be deducted from all requests that are paid.


To obtain a campout refund:

  1. The member must complete a campout refund request form within 30 days of the campout.
  2. The Nation Chief must approve (sign) the request form.
  3. The Nation Chief must forward the request form to the Federation Treasurer.
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