Yomechas Federation Indian Guides and Princesses

The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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Continue Your Adventure in the Trailblazers and Trailmates

Graduating? Want some NEW Adventures? The Trailblazer program is similar to the Princess and Guide programs you have enjoyed for many years although the activities and outings are geared for older children. It is a great opportunity to together discover new activities and experiences.

Horseback RidingMini Golf 
Cosmic BowlingCamping
Whirly BallDownhill Ski Trip
Canoe Portage Arcades
whirlyballLaser tag
Feed My Starving Children Slot Cars

Trailblazers/Trailmates is a more relaxed program. There are no honor points or patches. Members can more easily pick and choose events to attend. There are ten major events each year. At least three events are overnight outings. Typically no monthly meetings.

Join a Bunkhouse or Create Your Own!

The Yomechas Federation Trailblazer program typically supports six or eight Bunkhouses. Some Bunkhouses are traditional father/son or father/daughter groups, but most bunkhouses include a "coed" mix of all parent/child combinations. And several are based on membership of entire families.

The ages of children in the Trailblazer/Trailmate program is more varied also. Especially in the "family" bunkhouses, it is not uncommon for children to enter the program in fifth grade and then continue well into their high school years.

It is easy to find a bunkhouse that is a perfect fit for you. If you recently graduated from a Guides or Princesses tribe, you can find an existing Bunkhouse that has other alumni from your tribe or nation. If you are new to the program, you can find a bunkhouse that draws from your village or school.

Some of our Bunkhouses have been around for many years, but others are much newer. If you are part of a larger group that is interested in joining Trailblazers/Trailmates together (perhaps a group of Tribe graduates), you can easily start your own bunkhouse.  Members most often find their way into a Trailblazers/Trailmates bunkhouse based on friendships created in the earlier-year programs. But all who join are warmly welcomed - and just one meeting will tell you that you are among friends!