Yomechas Federation Indian Guides and Princesses

The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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Visit our Ceremony Library to find sample scripts.

Ceremonies and rituals are basic elements of the Yomechas program. They create Magic! They instill a sense that tribe meetings, campfires and other events are something very special - something extraordinary. Ceremonies and rituals provide structure. They provide a sense of identity and place. They help create the "show" that the children love.

Tribe Meetings - Opening and Closing
Tribe meetings should begin with an opening ceremony and end with a closing ceremony. All tribe members should actively participate. Make printed copies of your opening and closing ceremonies. Hand them out at the start of each meeting. At the end of the meeting, collect them for reuse at the next meeting. (Putting the copies in plastic sleeves will make them last longer. You can keep them in a binder between meetings.)


Nation Activities - Campfires, Awards, Graduations, Worship Services...
A well-organized Nation should have a set of ceremony scripts for their campout activities and other special events. The scripts should pass from one Nation Chief to the next. Nation ceremonies typically involve large groups - many members will be unfamiliar with the script so the ceremony must be written in a way that leads the audience through each step. Where audience participation is required (e.g. "recite our Aims"), the leader should use a "repeat-after-me" approach. (With the exception of worship services, the use of printed handouts should be avoided.)


Federation Induction Ceremony
The Yomechas Federation relies on a fairly elaborate ceremony script for our annual Fall Induction. You can find it in our Ceremony Library.