Yomechas Federation Indian Guides and Princesses

The Yomechas Federation services the Downers Grove and surrounding area.


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Bead Earning

Beads, Nature and Service Awards
The basic purpose behind these awards is to provide additional opportunities for every parent and child to work together and learn together, thereby building a closer relationship between parent and child. All other purposes are secondary to building this companionship.


Although many other worthwhile objectives can also be served at the same time (sense of achievement, increasing mental and moral development, eliminating self-consciousness, building interest in our adventure theme, etc.), we must never lose sight of our basic reason for being in the Yomechas programs - to build a bond between ourselves and our children so that we might truly be "Friends Forever"!!

Presentation of the Awards
Beads and patches must be awarded on the same night the bead is earned, with a simple but solemn ceremony led by the Assistant Tribal Chief. The Princesses and Guides work hard to earn them. They expect and deserve their awards while the thrill of accomplishment is still full. The child tries first, and if successful, the parent follows. If the child is unsuccessful, they both wait until the following meeting and try again. (The possibility of the parent missing is a remote one if he/she has truly spent sufficient time with the child on learning the bead’s requirements). Under no circumstances is any parent or child to wear a bead or patch that they have not earned.


  1. Beads should be displayed on a leather thong attached to the member's vest.
  2. The awards must be a joint parent and child effort, both learning and earning, neither trying for the bead until both are ready.
  3. Both parent and child each must earn the award individually and on the same night.
  4. A parent with two or more children must learn, earn and be awarded beads with each child in order that each of the children might get the full benefits of companionship with his/her parent. The parent wears the combined beads on his/her bead holder.




Personal Achievement


Attend the Induction Ceremony

These are always handed out at the induction.

"Welcome to the Yomechas Federation."


Explain the meaning of the compass

Answer: The compass symbolizes the purpose and goals of the Yomechas – the explorer should be able to provide a reasonable explanation of the symbols

"The compass is something we all wear. It has significance beyond decorating our vests. It symbolizes the purpose and goals of the Yomechas. In addition, learning how to understand symbols is a skill that is as useful today as it was hundreds of years ago to the great explorers."


Recite the Yomechas Guides Slogan, Purpose, Pledge and Aims

If the Aims are part of your opening/closing ceremony, this will come naturally. "Prompt" the children a little.

"The Yomechas is a unique program -- one that invites parent and child to become a stronger team, and they both know the goals they are working toward. This knowledge should help them remain "Friends Forever."


Sing two "Yomechas" songs.

Any two "camp songs" should do – your tribe song if you have one

"Part of being in Yomechas is to learn the songs and rituals -- songs you will remember years later, long after you are no longer a member of this tribe."


Learn the program name and name of all your tribe's members.

(Just learning the Program Names of the children is usually enough of a challenge.)

"The bond between a Parent and Child grows as they work together. In addition, when they learn the names of the rest of the tribe, their bond with the tribe grows stronger too."

Dark Blue

Father reports on an aspect of Folk Lore and child learns three dance steps.

This could be the basis for an entire tribe meeting!

"The great explorers and settlers developed a society that was rich in culture. This Parent and Child team you see before you have studied some of this culture and have shared what they learned with us. The tribe thanks you for sharing with us what you have found."


Demonstrate the Aims of the Guides in Indian sign language.

"Today most people in America speak English. But the Native American’s had many spoken languages. Each tribe had its own language. In order to communicate among tribes, Indians used sign language. The signs that Indians made with their hands were understood across many tribes, even though the pronunciation or the word might be different when spoken by each tribe. Thus, an Indian living in one part of America could communicate with an Indian from a distant region."

"This father and son/daughter have learned our aims in the sign language of the Native Americans, and they have shared it with us."


Pass the Krauss-Weber physical fitness test


"To keep our tribe strong, tribe members should maintain healthy and physically fit bodies. Yomechas can earn a bead by using the Krauss-Weber exercise program and passing that test."

Personal Participation

Light Green

Attend an overnight campout. Parent and Child must walk through the forest, fields or streams and report back to your own tribe.

"The Yomechas program offers parents and children rare opportunities. One of these is to camp out overnight together and with other members of your tribe. Those who do this earn this light green bead. You have sought and attempted to preserve the beauty of the Great Creators's work in forest, field and stream. Congratulations."

Dark Aqua

Start your third year in the program.

This should be awarded at the start of the year.

"You are now starting your third year in the Yomechas program. This means that this Parent and Child have been working, playing, and caring together in our program for two years. Such members are important to our tribe. We appreciate your participation and we look forward to having you with us again this year. Congratulations."


Attend 80% or more of the Expedition and Federation events during the year

"Being in Yomechas means being actively involved with the life of your child or parent. To earn this bead, a parent and child must be active in 80% of the Federation and nation events. Those who devote this much time to each other deserve this special award, which they can only earn once per year for an entire year's work. Congratulations."


Attend all Tribe meetings during the year.

Perfect Attendance at Tribe meetings

"A tribe grows strong through the dedicated involvement of its members. Those that give the most also receive the most. By your perfect attendance you have given a lot to this Tribe. We hope you have received even more."

Tribe Growth and Improvement


Recruit a new member for your tribe

Or a new member for any other tribe or for the Trailblazers program.

"A Yomechas Tribe is strongest when it keeps the tribe a healthy size. And the tribe is healthier when it welcomes and makes friends with a new parents and children. A Parent and Child can earn a bead by inviting another parent and child to join the tribe."

"In giving you this bead, the tribe thanks you for helping keep the tribe strong, and also reminds you of your duty to help the new Parent and Child meet the other members of the tribe and answer their questions."


Visit another Tribe's meeting and report back to your own tribe.

Easy fun! And what a way to get ideas! Just call a Chief and ask!

"Yomechas is a large organization. Not only does it include all the tribes in our expedition, but it also includes many expeditions and federations throughout many regions of the United States. Tribes exist from Maine to California."

"Naturally, we like our own circle best, especially when it is active. But to help us appreciate the Yomechas, it is good for Parent and Child to visit other tribes and report back to our members what they saw. From these visits we can learn new ideas that we can use to make our tribe better. And the Parent and child have a chance to make friends among the visited tribe, which makes our Expedition stronger."


Build a craft project for the tribe (treasure chest, banner, etc.)

If the whole tribe participates, give them all a bead. (If you add to a banner or centerpiece each year, you might count that.) This is supposed to be something active, but taking charge of buying something like a drum should qualify too!

"Making a craft project benefits the entire tribe. It benefits the Parent and the Child who work together to make it. It also benefits the tribe because they can share and use the project later. Our whole tribe appreciates the project you have created and donated to our treasure chest."

Expedition Growth and Improvement


Attend a Federation recruiting meeting, or help with a recruiting event.

"Thank you for helping with our recruiting event. By going to that event, you showed others that the spirit of the __________ Tribe lives and is strong. You showed others that we are active in our Expedition. You helped lead others to join us in the Yomechas. Therefore, the _____ Tribe and the ______ Yomechas give you this bead to show our deep appreciation.

Light Blue

Parent and Child recite a different original prayer during tribe meeting.

This can be earned by helping conduct a worship service at camp, or by anything of that nature.

"Our program recognizes the role of the Great Creator in the things we do. We try to share our awareness of the Great Creator. You have helped with that sharing. Thank you."

Dark Green

Become an Honor Tribe

Honor Tribes become so by continuous substantial participation in the Federation events during the entire program year.

"Everyone in this room should feel proud that they are a member of Yomechas. You are able to be a member of this group only because either a parent and child cares enough about you to want to spend time with you. But this year you have reason to feel doubly proud. The ______ tribe has been selected to be an "honor Tribe" -- one of the top tribes of the entire _____ Expedition. This honor comes because this circle has had excellent participation in campouts, games, meetings, and special events. For this enthusiasm and activity, we all earn a patch and a green bead. Congratulations!"



Social Service Project

Perform or participate in a significant social service activity in the community.



Conservation Project

Perform or participate in a significant conservation project in the community such as a park clean-up, tree-planting, prairie renewal, etc.



Perform a service project for the Federation or the Nation

Only the Federation Chief makes this award.



Outstanding Merit

This is given for a Yomechas deed such as lifesaving, or for significant extended meritorious service to the Yomechas program.

Only the Federation Council makes this award.






Fox Footprint on a White Felt Back

Animal Tracking Award

This award will be presented for being able to recognize common animal tracks in the snow.

Obtain the standard set of 20 animal track patterns from your circle navigator and study them. After the Parent and Child have learned which animals leave each print, they are tested by the Chief. The Parent must identify the first 10 footprints, and the Child must identify the remaining 10.




Circle Adopts a Special Bead

Tribe Bead

The tribes are requested when making awards to their members for some special tribe project or occasion, to avoid duplicating the awards of the Federation

Beads can be used for tribe beads if altered by adding stripes or spots, but all plain colored and striped beads, including white and black, are reserved for Federation awards.


Green Felt Evergreen Tree on a white felt background

Annual Award

Each program member earns an Annual Membership Award each year. This is composed of a green felt evergreen tree on a white felt background.







Red felt leaf on a white felt background

Nature Study Award

Collecting six pictures of wild animals of this locality. The pictures should be mounted in a notebook. At the meeting, the Chief presents the notebook and they must identify on sight the first three animals selected at random by the Chief. The Child must identify the remaining three. In identifying the animals, they must also give the kinds of food they eat, describe habitat, and other interesting facts.


Collect and be able to identify by sight the leaves of ten native trees of North America. The leaves should be mounted in a notebook. To qualify for the award, the parent must be able to identify on sight the first five leaves selected at random by the Tribe Chief. The Child then must identify the remaining five.



Tribe Organizer Award

The Federation Chief awards a special patch to recognize each Parent and each Child who act as new tribe organizers.


The Expeditions are urged to make the earning of beads count toward earning honor tribe points, since this encourages closer bonding between parent and child. Doing things together to learn more about our program, and participation in more activities provides positive growth for all of us. The recommended point amount is 25 points per average bead earned in the tribe (a 20 member tribe earning a total of 140 beads would get 175 points (140/20 = 7.0 x 25 = 175)). Only beads earned during the current program year should be counted for points. Each color of bead may be counted only once for points, although a number of them may be earned more than once.