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All kids love games, especially if their parents participate. And we all know that games are not just a way to have fun; games teach children to cooperate, obey rules, win and lose graciously. The links below will help you find rules and ideas for games kids love to play. These ideas might help you plan a tribe meeting, plan a campout activity, or organize a special event. Some of the games may not be suitable for all ages -- be sure you choose those that are most appropriate.

Links to kids games

Games Kids Play
A substantial list of active indoor and outdoor games. You'll recognize most of them.

Fun-Attic: The Great Games List
More ideas for active indoor and outdoor games.

Carnival Days
Some ideas for indoor carnival games. This is actually a commercial site, but most of what they offer could be made very easily for little or no cost. I have listed them here because I like the ideas that are illustrated. I am not recommending that you buy from them. (Be sure you "click on the juggler" at the bottom of the page!)

Carnival Games
This is a non-commercial (Cub Scouts) site that has some suggestions for kids' carnival games.

Another idea
While looking for games I ran across something that might be fun at a campfire:


Guess the Joke
Have the kids write down a joke (parents can help). Put all the setups in a hat. Pull out one at a time and let the kids try to guess the punch line. Some of the answers will probably be funnier than the joke. You might give a prize to anyone who gets the right punch line.