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Program Introduction

Spending focused time with your child shows them how important and valued they are, enriching their self-esteem and confidence.  For over 40 years, the Yomechas Federation has provided parents and children unique opportunities to spend one-on-one time together while participating in adventurous activities.  

Be a part of your child’s experiences, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

The Yomechas Parent Child Program serves the Chicago Western Suburbs of Downers Grove, Lisle, Naperville, Woodridge, Lemont, Westmont, Darien, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge, Willowbrook and parts of several other communities.  Our programs are open to any combination of parent and child, and they serve children from pre-school through high school:


§  Woodland (ages 3-5)

§  Guides & Princesses (Grades K through 5th)

§  Trailblazers (Grades 6th through 12th)


Monthly Tribal Meetings

Families join a local tribe that meets one night per month.  Tribe members (both parents and children) form close friendships and participate in activities together. Monthly meetings are fun, move quickly, and are focused on the children with songs, stories, crafts, games, and snacks!


Other Activities Throughout the Year

Members can participate in a variety of activities such as:

§  Fall Pumpkin Hunt

§  Roller-Skating

§  Museum Sleepovers

§  Canoe on Wheels Racing (Pinewood derby-style races)

§  Kite Flying

§  Fishing Derby

§  4th of July and Holiday Parades

§  Bowling

§  Indoor Soccer

§  Floor Hockey…and many more!

From September through May, the Federation sponsors at least one event per month in addition to…


The Best Part…Campouts!

Each Nation hosts three campouts per program year (fall, winter, and spring).  We camp at a variety of professionally-staffed YMCA camps.  Campers sleep in well-appointed cabins, and meals are prepared by the dedicated staff. Unwind with your child and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer, including:

§  Horseback Riding

§  Boating & Swimming

§  Fishing

§  Archery

§  Wall Climbing

§  Hiking

§  Sledding

§  Campfires, Crafts, Games…and much more!


We’re Part of Your Community

Most tribes serve one or two schools.  Guides and Princesses participate with their classmates, while making new friends with schoolmates in other grades.  Parents foster new friendships with other parents in their neighborhood.  All participants strengthen their ties with their community.

Community Service

The Yomechas Federation Guides and Princesses program is more than a parent-child activity; it is also a service organization. Service is the basis of our official pledge:

We (parent and child) through friendly service to each other, to our family, to this Tribe, and to our community, seek a world pleasing to the eye of Our Creator.

Through this program, our children to learn the value of community service; they understand that a "community" is sometimes larger than just a local neighborhood. Accordingly, the Yomechas Federation officially endorses several community service endeavors each year. In particular, our Federation works with closely with the Sioux YMCA's of South Dakota:

We periodically ask our members to donate a few dollars to the youth outreach programs the Sioux YMCA's operate in the impoverished Cheyenne River Reservation and neighboring regions. Donations are typically collected at campouts.  Over the years, our Federation has donated thousands of dollars to the Sioux YMCA's.  Members of our organization sometimes become personally involved -- volunteering a few days of their time to work directly with the Sioux YMCA's at the reservation. 

Community service is one of the many ways we teach our children about caring and sharing.  Participation in community service efforts by our members is encouraged, but like all aspects of our program, participation is strictly voluntary.

Are you ready for an adventure with your child?  Click HERE or on the "Join" tab above to get started!

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